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Have you ever attended a training session at one of our PTC Live events? If so, I hope you found the information valuable and plan to attend future sessions. If not, let me give you a quick overview of what is available to you.

At PTC Live Global, PTC Live Stuttgart and the PTC Live Tech Forum events that we run globally each year, PTC University offers two-hour training sessions to the attendees at no cost.

Can you really learn much in such a short time?  And can you really expect formal training when the session is entirely free?


In other words, what is the value of these sessions?


  • Instructor-led Best Practice Academy class at PTC Live Global 2013Each session is an excerpt of our standard curriculum, focusing on a clearly defined topic to fit the two-hour timeframe. You will get a solid introduction and receive valuable tips and tricks.
  • Each session is presented by one of our experienced instructors and subject-matter-experts. The sessions are not sales demos; they are real classes. Like any instructor-led class, you will be able to ask questions of the instructor and the rest of the class participants. If you have evaluated a training class in the past, but weren’t sure what to expect, you should hurry to sign up for your first classroom experience at the next PTC event near you. You take a trial before you purchase software, so why not try training before you book a full two-day or three-day class?
  • Many of these two-hour sessions that we offer at events are focused on the latest versions of our software. If you are evaluating an update of your PTC software to a newer version, these sessions are a great way to get a true, hands-on experience. See what the interface is like and learn tips and tricks that will make adoption of the new version even easier.

Now you might ask, where can I take one of these training sessions?

We have a lot of events in the works…


I personally look forward to meeting many of you at our events, and I hope you will sign up for a free training session at your next PTC event.



Have you ever attended one of our PTC University training classes or are you planning to do so shortly?

Here’s a quick list of things we recommend you to bring along.

PTC University instructor-led training class

  • A bottle of water
    Stay well hydrated at all times to make sure your brain can keep up with the abundance of new knowledge.
  • A snack
    We suggest healthy brain food, such as bananas or a few nuts. But some of you might prefer chocolate. In any case you need an intake of energy to be able to concentrate.
  • Comfortable clothes
    You will be sitting in a training room for a few hours and you want to make sure you feel comfortable. There is probably nothing more distracting than a shirt collar that is too tight.
  • Business cards
    You will be meeting peers from other companies and certainly have plenty of good conversations. Why not exchange contact information so you can continue talking?
  • Most importantly of all: Bring your QUESTIONS!!!
    Instructor-led classes are the most interactive type of training you can get. Be face-to-face with an instructor and engage in detailed, live conversations and, most importantly, get your questions answered.

Can you think of other useful things? Please comment below!





Happy ... Day!

Posted by BettinaGiemsa Aug 19, 2013

I just stumbled over a tweet telling me that today (August 19), is National Aviation Day. So, thanks @DesignWorld for the info!


There are probably days for everything, some with global relevance, some with only local importance -- and dates may vary regionally, too.


However, what are the days relevant for you - either for your industry or for engineering and technology in general?


I would be interested in seeing a growing list, so please comment below to add your information!


Let's celebrate!






As you know, I live in Germany and Easter is a pretty big Holiday here.


We look forward to a long Holiday weekend, but getting into the mood for an egghunt is not easy these days. Here in Germany, the Spring flowers made an attempt at getting out last week when we had some really nice and sunny days. However, the weather changed abruptly, and the snow came back – very heavily in some regions of the country!


'Malowane jajka / Easter Eggs' photo (c) 2012, Praktyczny Przewodnik - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/We’ll see how it goes until next week, but in the worst case, we will need to do the Easter egghunt for the kids indoors ….


So, what to talk about now that makes sense for you engineers? I cannot share any advice on how to design a better egg. Eggs are perfect by nature – Hard to optimize this, huh?


At PTC University, we can certainly help you with copying nature in your CAD system and have you create a photorealistic render that looks awesome.  Or, we can help put some nice designs on your Easter egg by applying patterns and text on a curved surface. We have nice tutorials for this in our eLearning libraries or on PTC University Learning Exchange.


In preparation of this post, I ran a quick Google search and found great suggestions for Easter egg designs. I also found a ton of experiments for students around egg physics and many other related articles. Have you ever approached Easter from an engineering perspective? Are  there any links you would like to share here? Or have you done an Easter egg in PTC Creo maybe?


I would love to see them all to get into the right mood for an egghunt– please help me by sharing your egg knowledge & egg designs in the comments below!





p.s.: After an egghunt you get hungry – here is a nice how-to…: “Cracking Eggs 101”.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a good start into 2013. After all the holidays and time off work, I have finally gotten back to my usual routine. One of my resolutions for this year is to pick up my blogging again after a somewhat slow 2012…

So far, 2013 is making it easy for me, as here in PTC University, we have many new things coming up that are worth discussing in more detail.


Today, I would like to start with Expert Model Analysis. Wait, that is not new, is it? Yes and No!


I have, in fact, blogged about Expert Model Analysis before in 2011 – so it is not new, per se. To date, however, Expert Model Analysis (XMA) has been a consulting tool to help us engage our customers in a meaningful way about potential areas for value realization. Put another way, we analyzed the customers’ data to see if they are really getting the most possible value out of the technology.…

Now, we are going to offer this as a product! In many engagements, customers have consistently wanted to own this tool in-house so they could regularly perform scans on their own. This demand for XMA initiated the development of XMA Desktop which will soon be released as a new PTC University product (likely in the Spring of 2013, but we haven’t pinned down a date yet).


xma.pngSo what does XMA do?
PTC University's Expert Model Analysis (XMA) deepens your understanding of PTC Creo Parametric and Pro/ENGINEER models. It evaluates your models and provides guidance to improve your modeling practices.

XMA scans and analyzes large quantities of PTC Creo Parametric and Pro/ENGINEER models. Each report of an XMA scan includes over 50 areas of analysis around Geometry Quality, Design Intent Strength, and Model Complexity. 

Curious? Well, you don’t need to wait until release of the new XMA Desktop product. You can try it NOW.

You can download a free, 30-day trial of PTC University Expert Model Analysis here and get a sample of the full features and reports available in XMA Desktop . Expert Model Analysis works with PTC Creo Parametric and all models last saved in Pro/ENGINEER v15 or higher (including PTC Creo Elements/Pro).

Download the XMA Trial now

… and don’t forget to let us know your feedback. Feel free to comment below – thanks!

Do you have kids? Then you will probably understand the correlation between the two terms in my headline…


It’s that time of year where people give each other presents and not always are they for your benefit. Someone gave us this little Christmas ball last week and since then, my 6-year-old daughter has been torturing me with it.


Play the movie – what seems funny at first, gets harder to endure with every time it is being played. And my kid is persistent…




So while technology for one is lighting up our dark winter nights and making our Christmas trees shine, it is also enabling a number of Holiday-related gadgets that are fun for the kids, but less so for the parents.


Here is another example…



Do you have any examples you could share? I would love to see them!

Happy Holidays to all!




PS: we also have a snoring elk at home.


Lost & Found

Posted by BettinaGiemsa Jul 23, 2012

Best Practice Academy classI think it’s safe to assume that everybody who signs up for a training class is in search for knowledge. Some are looking for a generic introduction to a new piece of software, others sign up for a more specialized class on either a specific piece of functionality or a Best Practice Academy class to learn about optimizing their modeling methods.

I am hoping it is also safe to assume that everyone who signed up for our PTC University classes eventually finds the answers he has been looking for.
Today, I don’t want to discuss any of our training content or ask what you have learned. I want to hear about lost & found stories in a different context… in other words: Tell me your non-training-related training story!

I think this is the perfect topic to start off a summer workweek – don’t you agree?

Many people like to attend offsite training sessions, because this is often a great opportunity to meet with peers. Have you found new friends through attending a training class? Or unexpectedly met an old buddy from engineering school you hadn’t seen since graduation?

Unfortunately, traveling can sometimes be annoying – have you ever forgotten something in a hotel room or has the airline lost your luggage? Grrr – I hope not, but if you have, maybe you want to share. Luckily, with our huge network of training centers and partners, it is easy to find a training class in your area and you can hopefully reduce the amount of travel needed to attend an instructor-led class.

I personally remember a colleague from my former company, who was scheduled to travel to the Arabian Emirates to hold a training session for a customer there. He lost all his luggage on the flight and ended up holding the first day of training in a remote area right in the desert in his casual travel outfit as he couldn’t organize any new business clothes at such short notice. Yuck!

Do you have similar stories? I am looking forward to hearing them!


Have a great week!




Photo: Taken at a Best Practice Academy session during PlanetPTC Live in Orlando this year

OK, it’s Friday and my first workday after a busy conference week. Time for a review of PlanetPTC Live, huh?


I don’t want to come up with “hey, what a great conference this was” – though I think it was a great conference.


Instead, let’s take a look at the most memorable, unique or funny aspects of PlanetPTC Live 2012!

I saw a lot of praise for the food when following #PlanetPTC12 on Twitter or the commentary here on PlanetPTC Community. But most memorable to me were these super cookies – one cookie can make a full meal.

Super cookies at PlanetPTC Live 12
The PTC Maintenance group even had popcorn – Lucky us! We had the booth next to them ;-)

PTC Maintenance Popcorn



If you compare an exhibition to a party, what would you expect?
Interesting people, cool fashion outfits?
We had that!




Wild animals are also always a good attraction!
We sure had that, too!


I didn’t really have much time to go around and take a closer look. But I am sure, you got satisfied when looking for swag to take home.

Our own PTC University "Engineering Superhero" t-shirts seemed to be very popular – many folks were wearing them right the next day...

Be an engineering superhero with PTC University


BTW: We do have a couple left, so let’s do a little raffle here and now!

Please comment below with the most memorable impression or thing you took home and we will randomly draw three t-shirt winners from all commenters.


End of raffle: Friday June 29.



See you next year in Anaheim, CA!!



If I had to guess who the busiest people are during this conference, my bet would be on the PTC University instructors.


Windchill Training Session at PlanetPTC Live in Orlando 2012


This year at PlanetPTC Live, we are offering almost 100 training sessions and classes, which is more than in any of the years before.
Some of our instructors have extremely tight schedules - they literally do one session after the other, with only a short break in between to answer follow-up questions, move to another training room or grab a bite to eat.

I took another look at the statistics – I thought you might find these interesting!

Our Windchill sessions and classes have proved to be the most popular so far – many of them were booked out within a few weeks, including observer seats!


  • Effectively Administering Creo Parametric Data with Windchill
  • Alternatives to Customizing Windchill 10.1
  • Getting Started with Windchill 10.1

Among the most popular CAD trainings, we find the following topics:

  • Modeling with Creo Direct 2.0
  • Best Practice Academy - Creating Robust Models
  • Utilizing the Creo Parametric 2.0 Interface

Many of the classes had been fully booked even weeks prior to the conference.

Nonetheless, we have a few seats here and there available for both, the free 2-hour sessions, and the paid classes. If you are interested in a last-minute booking, please reach out to us:

Email us or swing by the Registration Desk at the event!

Are you attending or have you attended any of the sessions? Which one(s) did you pick and how did you like them?  Please comment below with your feedback!



Today, I spent some time in-between booth hours at the PTC University eLearning Lab at St. John’s 24. First of all, just in case this is your first time attending PlanetPTC Live, let me explain what the eLearning Lab is.

It’s basically a room where you can walk in at any time (during the official opening hours, of course), sit down at any of the workstations and get access to our eLearning Libraries to test and try eLearning by PTC University.


Precision LMS, our learning management system, is the backbone of our eLearning Libraries and beyond pulling up the courses and tutorials, it provides a lot of functionality to assess your skills, control your learning progress and manage the overall learning and development experience. We had just implemented Precision LMS 3.0, which is a major upgrade to previous versions earlier this year, so even if you had tried eLearning a while ago, it definitely is worth taking a second look!

The room is attended by a training expert at all times so you can get a guided tour and ask questions to the team. I talked to Kim Springston, who is one of our Product Managers here at PTC University, and asked what people were interested in the most today…


BG: Kim, the Lab seems pretty busy today – is there a trend of what people were most interested in?

Kim: That’s hard to say – we had users of all levels come in. Pretty much all wanted to get an idea of our eLearning offerings available for the specific product they use. On top of that, if someone was an engineering manager or team leader, they were interested in the management capabilities of Precision LMS so we gave a lot of demos, too.

BG: Was LearningConnector a big topic at the Lab, too?

KS: Yes, we offered demos of LearningConnector to all of the CAD users who came in to show them how easy it is to access eLearning in a context-sensitive way right from inside Creo. This is a fast way of accessing the information you need right from your desktop, without spending time on searching for a specific tutorial. The LearningConnector application (built into Creo) offers you exactly the eLearning topics related to the functionality you are working with at the moment.

BG: How much time did people spent in the Lab today as an average?

KS: Hard to say! With the overall event agenda being so diverse and interesting, everybody had a tight schedule. However, we give every attendee at the lab a free trial license: The access information is printed out for them and they can take it home to access the Libraries for 14 days from any computer they like.

BG: Kim, that’s a great move and definitely a useful souvenir to take home!


So here’s our hot tip for the day: go to St. John’s 24 and try eLearning. Even if you can only squeeze in 30 minutes in your agenda, it is definitely worth it!  And to those who have attended today: Feel free to comment below and share your experiences!




Posted by BettinaGiemsa Jun 3, 2012

Folks, I am exhausted! This first day at PlanetPTC live in Orlando was just great – but as always at the end of a busy conference day, I am super tired and my feet hurt. Still, I would like to share a few impressions from the PTC University booth today.

As you may have heard by now, the PTC University theme for the event is “Be an Engineering Superhero”. Though we cannot provide you with x-ray vision, super strength, or warp speed, we can give you first-class training to help you improve your knowledge and skills so you can get the most out of the PTC products – and excel at your job.

At our booth, you can do a deep dive into the PTC University offerings – from watching a free tutorial to getting a demo of Precision LMS, our learning management system. Or go beyond the standard Picks & Clicks training and learn more about Best Practice Academy.

To make your visit a lasting experience, we offer you an instant metamorphosis into a superhero by having your photo taken in a superhero scene of your choice. Fly through the city with your super designed jetpack to free the population from evil, or go on a rescue mission with your streamlined glider…

Sound like fun? I can assure you the folks we had on the booth today loved it – we took tons of pictures and we are sharing some on our gallery on Facebook.


Take a look at the photo gallery!


PTC University Engineering Superhero


Make sure to reserve some time in between presentations and training sessions and swing by our booth in the Solutions Expo during the next few days. We look forward to shooting your picture, too!




Hello, Orlando!

Posted by BettinaGiemsa Jun 2, 2012

Here I am now in Orlando. After months of preparation, the big event has come. I have just arrived, checked in to the hotel and taken a first sneak peek to the conference area.


While PTC University has always contributed to the event at a larger scale, this year is special – we have more training events scheduled than ever before. For me, personally, this is my first year attending the big North American event, and my first one since I have transitioned into my new role running Marketing for PTC University.

Am I nervous? Yes. However, we are in good shape, all hardware has arrived long ago, the booth area looks great and my colleagues who are running the trainings and co-hosting the booth with me are all experienced professionals.

So what do we have planned?

We have a motto – We want to turn you into Engineering Superheroes. But – hush – that’s all you’re gonna learn from me now. Visit me on the booth tomorrow to find out!

Visit the PTC University booth to become an Engineering Superhero


Looking forward to talking to you live!





PS: Some core detail on the logistics…

The PTC University booth is located in Theater 4 of the PTC Pavilion of the Solutions Expo.
The eLearning Lab is located in St. John’s 24. For opening hours click here.
For information on the agenda and where to find the classrooms, take a look at the Onsite Guide.

Can you believe it? LearningExchange turns one today!


On February 28th, 2011 we went live with this project and had no idea then how fast it would grow…


We had strongly believed in this project from the beginning. Providing our customers with free tutorials on how to use our products -- well, there’s nothing to complain about, right? Still, there were a couple of unknowns.  After all, there are many other sites out there where you can find tutorials, too. Would we generate sufficient traffic to further justify development work for this platform?


Now, 1 year later, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We are getting great feedback from our users every week and we have had more than 110,000 unique visitors since launch. Customers email tutorial requests or sign in (again, it is all free!) to rate the videos, thus we learn what is of interest to you and what your preferred topics are.


"And do you plan on developing this further?" you might ask now. Absolutely!  As you may have heard, we have just released LearningExchange in additional languages (German, French and Italian) last week. But that’s not all.


rate_video.pngMy colleague Adrian La Sala, who heads up the project team for LearningExchange from day one, has a long list of enhancements planned. We do have additional languages on the radar - for example, we are looking to add Chinese support soon.


Also, we are planning more features in the login area. Currently, when you are signed in, you can rate the videos, or see your viewing history so you can easily get back to the item you would like to review.


We are considering adding further features here, such as compiling your personal video list, or getting related video suggestions based on your profile.


As you can see, there is a lot going on in the background. However this all would not be possible without your support. On behalf of Adrian and the entire LearningExchange team, I thank you for visiting LearningExchange.





Having talked about “Best of” lists just yesterday, I might be well-advised not to warm up this topic again – after all, I don’t want to bore my readers. On the other hand, I can promise you this won’t be a long post and there is a reward waiting for you in the end…


Again, it is part of my job to look back at the beginning of a new year and check performance, numbers, and results of the previous one. Today, I took a look at LearningExchange. As you know, this is a rather young service of PTC University, so we are keeping an even closer look on its development. The visitor statistics speak for themselves – page visits and unique visitors are increasing every month and we keep getting a lot of positive feedback from our users.


I was wondering which of the videos was the most watched in 2011 so I took a look at the analytics dashboard. Turns out the clear leader in the video hit list -- with more than 7,000 views  -- is “Boundary Blend - Curve on the Fly” – a 1-minute tutorial for Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 by Steve Meyers. Short and sweet!


Congratulations, Steve, for creating such a popular video!


I promised you a reward for reading my blog post. Ok, reading alone would not justify a prize, I need to ask you for a bit of interaction, too...


Tell me: What is your favorite video on LearningExchange? Please add the name, link to the video and a short explanation why you like it in the comments section below.


Please post your comments until January 30, 2012, 12.00 noon EST. Among all the commenters, I will pick 5 random winners of a PTC t-shirt.


Sounds good? Looking forward to your feedback!





Happy New Year, my dear readers!


'2012' photo (c) 2011, hokpakh3 - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/I hope you had a great Holiday season and a good start into 2012. For me, 2011 was a good year and I am looking with enthusiasm and excitement to the things that lie ahead of me!


For a marketer, the first week of the year is also the time to provide a ton of “best of…” or “looking back” type of content. I am pretty sure you all have at least seen one “Best of 2011” list on the Internet, TV or in your daily newspaper.


Well, this morning, I thought I’d browse my blog and come up with a list myself – number of blog posts in 2011, number of comments, etc. --- and suddenly realized that I had missed my own -- well, my blog’s -- 1st birthday! My very first article went live on December 15, 2010 – time flies!!


And because blogging turned out to be so much fun, I will continue on this path – I actually have a couple of articles ideas waiting to be written. Oh, and don’t forget: Engineering is Everywhere – so feel free to suggest topics, too!


Here’s to a wonderful 2012!



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