This tip will explain how to adjust the part transparency continuously in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 18.0 and below.


The Part Properties dialog in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling allows you to adjust the transparency level in 3 steps:


  1. Opaque - 0% transparency
  2. Semi - 50% transparency
  3. Full - 100% transparency

You can choose other procentual values for the transparency as follows:


The command 'SET_PART_BASE_TRANSPARENCY' allows to adjust the transparency from 0.0 (0%) to 1.0 (100%) in a nearly step-less way.

As an example, the following command adjusts the transparency level of the current part to 75%. Just enter the following line into the command line:


      (SET_PART_BASE_TRANSPARENCY :part (oli:sd-inq-curr-part) :transp 0.75)


The Part Properties dialog only displays a value rounded to one of the three fixed transparency levels.

To inquire the exact transparency level, you can use the command 'sd-inq-part-transparency'.

Here is an example for the command line to inquire the transparency level from the current part:


     (display (oli:sd-inq-part-transparency (oli:sd-inq-curr-part) :contents))


Further information about the used function can be found:


  • For 'SET_PART_BASE_TRANSPARENCY ' in the Command Reference manual or in the online reference (oli:sd-online-reference)


  • For sd-inq-part-transparency in the Integration Kit documentation