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It’s the representation of the evolution of the universe over 13.77 billion years. The far left depicts the earliest moment we can now probe, when a period of “inflation” produced a burst of exponential growth in the universe. Well, that’s that… but this article is about the “Representation” in PTC Windchill. Continue Reading here.....


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WVS - What is it?

Posted by mramesh Jan 9, 2014


WVS as its commonly called stands for Windchill Visualization Services.  WVS is a core part of PTC Windchill  that interfaces between PTC Windchill and PTC Creo View (formerly called ProductView). In other words, WVS makes integrated Visualization in PTC Windchill possible.

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Opening the Doctor’s bill might be very stressful indeed but try opening any of the below files with PTC Creo View. Its easy…. Just try loading any of your favorite 3D /2D/Document/ECAD/Illustration files from the list of supported formats below.

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PTC released several versions of Creo View loaded with powerful features in the year 2013. The releases included Creo View 2.0 M030,  2.0 M040, 3.0 F000 an 3.0 M010. Also, released was the Creo View Mobile App 3.0.11 that includes iOS 7 updates besides others.  For a complete list of the enhancements across all PTC Creo View products, please refer to PTC documentation.


The following are *some* of the new or enhanced features in PTC Creo View during 2013.  Note that this list is not exhaustive.

Oh! What a busy year 2013 has been. Great Job, PTC Creo View team!!!

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Seen this Tongue Map before?

Posted by mramesh Dec 20, 2013


Trying to navigate the sense of taste with a map of the tongue labeled with regions sensitive to four kinds of flavor would be like trying to drive cross-country with a map that did not show the Interstate System. Follow this link if you would like to read more about this….

So, what has the tongue map got to do with this blog? Well, everything and nothing…. The only thing common is around the term “mapping”.  Numerous people have suggested that I post a mapping of the PTC Visualization products and writing this blog post reminded me of the tongue mapping article I had seen a while ago…


For the mapping of OLD -NEW PTC Visualization products, continue reading here.

CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm announces a new white paper examining PTC’s enterprise solution for validation and review, PTC Creo View.


Once the private domain of design and manufacturing engineers, digital data content has become an essential factor in the interactions and decision-making of a broad range of enterprise-wide product contributors. PTC Creo View technology, which is the basis of a comprehensive Enterprise Validation and Review solution, supports visualization of and interaction with product models. It delivers a scalable visual collaboration and digital mockup capability for product data that can be deployed throughout the enterprise. Dr. Versprille states that “Product visualization gives all stakeholders access to the product’s single source of truth.” CIMdata reviews the capabilities of PTC Creo View and its ability to pair mechanical and electronic product data for full product visualization and interaction. Highlights include PTC Creo View’s support for a Model-based Enterprise strategy and its strong interference analysis and animation capabilities.

“PTC Creo View” is available to be freely downloaded from CIMdata’s Publications web page.

David Haigh gave a brilliant presentation on “An Administrators Guide to ProductView Publishing” at PlanetPTC Live in 2011.  Although its been a couple years since he presented, the content of his presentation is still very applicable except for the change in the Product names and the availability of newer versions/releases of the products. ProductView is now PTC Creo View. Click here or use this QR code below to continue reading



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James and Jamie from Steelcase gave an awesome presentation on how to “Configure and Understand Dedicated Worker and Publisher Queues” at PTC Live Global 2013. For those that missed their presentation, click here to learn more or use the QR code below

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Bark? Cambium? No, Its the HeartWood (Want to learn more about the Tree Anatomy? check this out).  Wondering why I’m talking about Trees? Although I don’t have a doctorate in Plant Sciences, Trees are not only part of the plant kingdom but also of the “Visualization” kingdom. And, given that I live and breathe Visualization, I wanted to write about this feature – i.e. “Center in Tree” in PTC Creo View.  Click here for more information or scan this QR code on your mobile device




Image creditArkive.org and Dinesh Valke

Bill Ryan gave a brilliant presentation on positioning assemblies at the PTC Live Global 2013 conference. For those that missed his presentation, here it is. Slide8.PNG


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The outstanding digital rendering techniques of the Dutchman Kees Veenenbos have been featured in National Geographic and on NASA pages.  Click here to see more of these images.

So, why am I talking about Mars in this post? Because, this post is about a related topic – i.e. “Rendering” with PTC Creo View and I was reminded of the amazing Kees Veenenbos’s rendering while writing this post…

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Want to learn more about HOW to or how NOT to publish Simp Reps from PTC Creo Parametric into PTC Creo View format? Click here to learn more.

Dragon Model's Project Cutaway model has been released by Diamond Select Toys, as part of their Star Trek range-  It's the TOS USS Enterprise, with transparent panels giving us a look inside saucer, neck, engineering section and a nacelle. That's awesome! Something else is also awesome... and that is the cutaways or the sectioning feature in PTC Creo View.  Follow this link to learn more....

Star Trek Enterprise In a Mirror Darkly Constitution class cross section.jpg

Image Credits: The Trek Collective