Here’s one more reason to download Creo 4.0 and try it out: Now you can see your simulation analysis results as a convergence plot and get more information for each step of the design study. Our expert explains:


The overhaul of the analysis and the design study experience includes an expanded panel to show the analysis run status and convergence plot.


A graphical convergence plot shows analysis results.

The convergence plot charts load versus deflection when the process ends.

And when running, shows dynamically pertinent information about each pass.

We also have a way to filter the diagnostic options to show only the relevant information. By clicking on each diagnostic, you get more information.



Note that information for each diagnostic is displayed in the area below the list.

These changes streamline the analysis process and modernize the look and feel.


To see a demo of these features, check out the video:


Finally, if you haven’t already, download Creo 4 here and try it yourself. And stay tuned to our “Did You Know” blog series, as we cover more enhancements in PTC Creo 4.0.