Other PTC Community Ribbon Links

    Why don't add quick selection wheel from freestyle mode to normal mode

    An idea showing an innovative selection wheel that PTC eliminated and replaced with the inefficient ribbon.

    Drawing mode, selecting an object in drawing causes ribbon to automatically switch to that object's tab

    Idea and good discussion about the functionality of the ribbon tabs.

    Why does PTC insist on Ribbon Interface?  Over 40% strongly dislike!

    Idea and discussion of the ribbon interface.

    Pro/E, My love-hate relationship

    Article and discussion about using Pro/E and Creo.

    Has PTC lost its way?

    Discussion that touches on the ribbon among other issues.



    Remove the Ribbon

    Idea to remove the ribbon



    Anyone else have detailing issues in creo........
    Discussion of detailing issues

    Big Chunks of Changes for Creo

    Discussion of the changing interface


    WF5 GUI.......Like?  Love?  Hate?  Indifferent?

    Conversation rating and talking about likes and dislikes of the WF5 Ribbon


    Drawing Ribbon - add commands?

    Question about adding commands to the drawing ribbon


    Custom detail icons

    Question about customizing the drawing ribbon


    Project Lightning Wish List

    Enhancements people would like to see in the next versions


    Welcome to The Voice of the Customer

    Discussion about the drawing ribbon among other things