PlanetPTC Community Scavenger Hunt

    Hello PlanetPTC Community Members (this includes PTC employees too)!




    Since the first scavenger hunt was so well-received, I decided to organize another...with a few twists of course. This round may be a little tougher, so I upped the ante. Everyone that enters will be put into a drawing to win either a community-branded Video Flip Cam (5 chances), t-shirt (5 chances) or a $20 Amazon gift card (5 chances). 15 chances in total!* Simply gather everything on the list below and submit your entry as a comment to this document. See additional Eligibility and Requirements below.






    Ok, here's the new list!


    1. What are the three guiding principles of PlanetPTC Community? Hint: see homepage
    2. Provide a link to a wiki document you have collaborated on with another member.
    3. What's the title of your blog? If you don't have one, here's your chance to create one
    4. Uploaded or embedded into a document, provide a link to a video you posted related to a PTC product.
    5. Name two groups to which you are a member of?

    6. Name two "Heroes of the Month"
    7. In your own words, what is a Hero of the Month?
    8. Provide a link to a post to which you were inspired by.
    9. Provide a link to a post where you showcased your skills.
    10. If you had one wish on how to improve PlanetPTC Community, what would it be?


    Image by schnappi



    Eligibility and Requirements

    To be eligible to win, you must be a PlanetPTC Community member, leave a comment to this document with the complete list of items, have the correct responses and have a completed profile. All links must be to destinations within PlanetPTC Community. PTC employees participating in this event will receive a t-shirt only while supplies last. Other named prizes are reserved for non-PTC participants. Completed profiles are defined as having Expertise, Fun Fact, Personal Interests and Tag fields filled out with true answers and a chosen avatar to display. All entries must be received by 11:59PM EST on January 31, 2011.