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Arbortext Users Group

Members of the PTC/Arbortext community who primarily use, implement, or support the Arbortext product line.

Most Arbortext learning is tribal in nature. We all learned at the hands of someone else. We've had lots of members looking for a way to share knowledge and benefit from what others are learning.

When Oracle merged with PeopleSoft, there were Arbortext implementation teams on both sides. When they got together, they found they'd fought the same battles and could have shortened their implementation time, could have made the lives of the Arbortext users in their own communities stronger, if they'd had a forum where they could share.

This is a classic story, regardless if economic times are good or bad. Good people know good people; they share information and help everyone grow.

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Liz Fraley


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August 7, 2010 7:20:59 AM