Cafe con UI - Integrating XUI Dialogs with a Java backend ! Clay Helberg takes XUI to the next level. XUI dialogs can do a lot more than pretty up your Arbortext environment. When combined with Java, Javascript, or ActiveX, XUI dialogs in Arbortext become powerful ways to affect the UI, the document, the environment, and the publishing pipeline.


This session is accessible to Advanced Arbortext users, but beginners and others can get a glimpse of just what you can do with the product suite.



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There are a million Uber Geeky things you can do in Arbortext. Arbortext is a mature platform: The entire set of tools works together. Arbortext is open: The entire UI and publishing pipeline is 100% available through a well-tested API. The possibilities are enormous for anyone who wants to do new, interesting, over-the-top things with their product information. In this web series, we feature the Open API and the geeky things you can do with Arbortext. You?ll find knowledgeable mechanics, here. Put on your shop coat, because here we go!


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