At some point recently, I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself that there had to be a better way to perform the same task – one that was faster, easier or just made more sense. At PlanetPTC Live Orlando, we’ve brought together hundreds of solutions to save you time and frustration in the future.


In 100+ Creo-focused sessions, you’ll learn Creo shortcuts and tips, plus best practices for design processes, all from people who work with these tools every day – PTC product managers and other companies like yours.


For example, in A Tip is Born Every Minute, Brian Krieger of Peterbilt Motors will share as many as 45 tips for using Creo/Parametric and Windchill, and streamlining interaction between the two. You’re sure to get something new from this fast-paced session.


Or, if you often fall victim to time-consuming, last-minute changes as you’re walking out the door on a Friday, we have just the session for you. In Old, Wrong or No Design Intent? No Problem! Creo Parametric Flexible Modeling Extension Can Help!, PTC’s Paul Sagar and Don Breda will show you how to make final edits without ruining your model and spending a lot of time on needless re-work.


Be sure to view the session browser to see the all Creo-specific content available in the four-day agenda. Just search by product or within the PTC University tab for complete details.


And, remember that your Creo resources don’t exist just in the session room. We’ve added numerous opportunities to share ideas and best practices, or get your specific questions answered throughout the program. Visit each reception, breakfast or lunch or social event to connect with the greatest number of Creo customers, product experts or related solutions providers.


Can’t wait to see you in June!