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    Plotting Hydrology Daily Discharge Data from Excel

      Class: Intro to Physical Hydrology

      I am trying to plot daily discharge data (for a tributary river into the Rio Grande River) versus time from a MS Excel 2000 worksheet. I imported the data from a class web page and did the necessary unit conversions in Excel. Now, I need to plot daily discharge versus time for the entire record...from 1932 to present.

      As you can imagine there are several thousand data points involved, the cell range is from G3 to G27367, and the corresponding dates for each data point range from cell H3 to H27367. I prefer to plot this data using MathCAD 11 instead of MS Excel 2000, but at this point I am open to suggestions. How can I import the data from MS Excel into MathCAD 11 and do the plot for the entire record period???