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    Optical illusions

    DanMarotta Platinum

      I caught a blog on the 2011 Optical Illusion of the Year. Here's the full article, http://blog.games.yahoo.com/blog/674-behold-the-optical-illusion-of-the-year


      It naturally got me thinking of the Mathcad community and the great skills members have creating similar 3D graphs and animations.


      So here it is, $25 Amazon gift card to each member that submits their very own optical illusion in the form of an animation [video] or 3D graph [photo].


      Some guidelines:

      • Each member can submit a max of 3 optical illusions. *Potential to earn $75 in Amazon gift cards. Feel free to upload as many as you want however.
      • Submissions must be unique and original.
      • Submissions must originate from a Mathcad worksheet. Worksheets can be attached as a reply to this thread.
      • Use the Tag "optical_illusion" (without quotes) when creating your video or photo album.


      Submit your animations >>


      Submit your 3D graphs >>


      Good luck!




      *As inventory allows