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    How do you scale up a drawing?




      I've just started trying to fathom my way through Creo elements, and I would like to enlarge (scale up) a dwg file i have succesfully imported. The scale function is not suitable, as I need it to be in the region of 65 times larger than the drawing currently is, and this only allows up to 2x as its maximum enlargement (which i also couldn't quite get to work....). I need also to lock the aspect ratio. An alternative to this would be to redefine its size another way, perhaps through annotation. When i annotate the part using teh measure function, it gives it a value of length 1. I need it to be 65. I assume this is measuring in millimeters. I cannot seem to find a way of making this happen.....HELP please! (I've been trying to fathom it on and off for 3 days now!).


      Seperately, How do I change the axis to x,y and z.....


      Many thx.