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    Unable to save drawings

    wbowstead Copper

      All software is running on Windows XP Pro Sp3.


      I'm using Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Personal Edition 3.0. I have full administrator rights to the drives, and folders I'm trying to save to so I'm baffled.


      I have even downloaded and installed Creo Elements Direct Modeling Express 4.0 (English), exactly the same outcome.


      If I try to save a part and drawing as a bundle [*.bd2] I get the

      "Cannot store file C:/Documents and Settings/Drawings/test.bd2. Please check if there is enough disk space."

      Same if I change to the 1Tb backup drive I have, or the 500Gb slave drive.


      If I try and save the part and drawing as a packages [*.pk2] I get the


      LISP error:

      "The variable AM_STORE_DRAWING is unbound. This may have been caused by:

      (1) Entering a string that wasn't enclosed in quotes.

      (2) Entering a command belonging to a module that has not been activated.

      (3) Trying to load a file that has an incorrect format.

      (4) Calling a function that has not been enclosed in parenthesis ()."


      The I get

      3D data successfully saved.

      The 2D drawing is also marked as modified.

      To retain the associativity, save also the drawing now!


      In both cases I'm selecting All Objects to be saved.



      I'm a home user, with full admin rights on all drives folders and files, using stand alone software.

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          rswartz PTC Employee

          Is your "C:\" drive partitioned? How much space is available?

          Hint: Open Windows Explorer, right click on Local Disk (C:) and select properties.

          Even if you try to save to some other drive, the system still stores all your data to your user temp directory first. Then the individual part files are compressed and merged into one file.

          By default, your temp directory is on the C: drive.


          It is not possible to save a drawing as part of a package, so of course you would get an error when trying to save a drawing, then the package data would save.

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              wbowstead Copper

              Hi Richard,

              I'm trying to save the annotation as it's called as a bundle [the default] and it says there isn't enough disk space :

              "Cannot store file C:/Documents and Settings/..../My Documents/Work/Drawings/t.bd2. Please check if there is enough disk space."

              Drive "C:\" has 218Gb free, same response if I use drive "D:\" whihc has 465 Gb free.

              As I have stated eariler, I have full admin rights on all drives, folders and files so it's either registry based, OR the drawing save function is disabled in Creo Elements Direct Modelling Express 4.0 and Creo Elements Direct Modeling Personal Edition 3.0 (English).


              Many thanks for your efforts.