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    Trochoidal Turning in Pro/NC - Creo Elements/Pro 5.0

    DanielSantos Silver

      After some months investigating solutions I learned a lot about other CAM systems and how they do things. I also learned some nasty marketing tactics employed by CAx vendors and that sometimes the things are wrapped with a nice cover but in the core they are all alike.


      That being said, I created a small video showing Creo Elements/Pro 5 profile turning toolpaths applied in a complex groove so that you can get the so called "Trochoidal Turning" effect such as shown in Unigraphics NX and Sandvik video. Please check this out at Sandvik website:






      This video shows how to make this in Pro/NC or Creo Elements/Pro. It can be done in all Pro/NC versions as well. "Trochoidal Turning" in Siemens NX is NOT a dedicated toolpath as it seems but rather a series of profiles offseted with reversed lead in / lead out moves / cut directions.


      Not being able to upload it here... get an error... so watch it here:





      Enjoy it!