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    Pro/NC is it a really a good Tool?

    ClaudiuCraciun Silver


      I used ProE, ProNC for a long period of time this is the only package that I used.

      I've seen also other demos from other CAD/CAM Packages but in demos everything it nice and appears the best tool.

      From my experience with Pro/NC now I have some issued that I really donlt know are because I donlt have enough knowkedge or the tool is not really powerfull.


      One of the biggest problem in CAM that I have is regeneration time that takes special when I'm trying to reorder sequences. Having around 500 sequences into an operation when I try to reorder some sequences take time. Do you have this time of problem?


      For the moment i'm not using Expert Machinist, or Process Manager functionality to machine our plate(just standard Machining application) Reason being some of the sequences are really complex including analyze feature with parameters used by Post Processor to convert in NCL file in a G code shorter format. Do you think that Process Manager or expert machinist can help to creste faster the program and to avoid this regeneration problme?

      During the year several experts from different company came and tried to solve this problem but they were not able to do anything.

      Having 500 sequences can be a problmem for proe and slow down this regeneration process?


      People that worked with UG said that they didn't have this problme and UG was much more powerfull than ProNC.

      Is it true?