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    Image URLs for graphic references in Arbortext Editor 6.0+DITA

    JTrue Copper


      We are in the process of implementing Arbortext 6.0 with DITA (upgrading from previous version of Arbortext and non-DITA DTDs). We want to use a central image web server to manage our image files and reference them in the DITA topics using URLs (e.g., http://myserver.com/digitalasset/cnt070794.jpg). To do this we tried setting an image element to have href="http://myserver.com/digitalasset/cnt070794.jpg" and scope="external" but this is causing an error during the completeness check:


      ERROR: Dita reference "http://myserver.com/digitalasset/cnt070794.jpg"

      on image element in "Document1" does not refer to a dita/ditabase document.


      This error doesn't happen if I insert the same image URL in a non-DITA document in Arbortext 6.0, so I'm assuming it's part of the enhanced DITA completeness check.


      Does anyone know how to get this error to go away? Is there another attribute that we need to set besides scope?