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    "Engineering mathematics" in Mathcad

    ValeryOchkov PTC Community Champion

      I'm not a mathematician, but I think it is wrong to Mathcad Prime apply a hint of the new Combined matrix operator "norm of a vector or matrix"
      The right is: "Length of the vector or the determinant of a square matrix."
      I see a lot discrepancies or apparent errors in the tooltips Mathcad Prime. I showed them to mathematicians. They say it's not just a mistake - it is so named "engineering understanding" of mathematics. Nine out of ten engineers say that the vector length is the number of elements in it. And not just because Mathcad is a function of length (v), returns not the vector length but a number of elements (components?) in vector, but because for the majority of working with Mathcad think that the vector is not a vector in the mathematical interpretation (not scalar), but simply a table column.
      What do you think about this?