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    Minor but annoying - easy improvements?

    jonathan.hodgson Platinum

      Following another thread about real-world use versus PTC trainers' knowledge, how about we start a list of small things, which ought to be relatively easy for PTC to change, that nonetheless annoy you on a day-to-day basis (and always seem to be passed over in favour of introducing dashboards and ribbons)?


      Since various PTC people contribute here, if we keep it tidy and concise perhaps some of our issues could be considered for addressing in imminent versions of Pro/E / Creo (/wishful thinking...)


      So, here are some starters:


      • Angle x D chamfers almost always choose the wrong direction for the angle by default
      • Surface merges almost always choose the wrong sides of the quilts to keep by default
      • Save a Copy leaves you editing the original model (opposite to Windows Save As), whilst Backup leaves you editing the backup model (why would you make a backup and then change the backup?)
      • When you're working in "widget.prt" and you create a new drawing, Pro/E assumes the name "drw0001". How likely is it that you don't want to create "widget.drw" at this point?
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