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    How can I search for empty parts?


      How can I perform a search in a top level assembly for any individual components and any components within in any subassemblies of that top level assembly that would not have any sort of solid features (extrution, revolve, solidify, ect.....) within them? Sometimes I create empty parts existing of cs0, dtm1,dtm2 and dtm3 only and assemble them by coords. I have the intention of creating solid features within them but sometimes I loose place and forget about the empty components. When these components are still within the assembly it causes problems with the Mesher I use for creating simulations so I need a way to find these empty components and remove them from the top level assembly before simulation. I am working within WildFire 4.0.



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          KshetrabasiMahanta Gold


          There might be several options


          I am suggesting 2 of them

          Check if these will help you or not


          1. Using Model size

          Size of a blank part is fixed(80 kb approx in wf5). Check as per your version

          In your assembly

          go to Find>Part>Size(Attribute)


          In Criteria use

          Absolute> is Less than > 90


          Include all models


          find now


          This will search all parts having size less than 90kb




          2.Using Last feature

          Your blank parts should have a fixed last feature ; It might be cs0, dtm1,dtm2 or dtm3

          It can not be extrude or any other feature

          go to Find>Feature>Last Feat(History)


          Find now


          Now you need to check the parts having specific last feature cs0, dtm1,dtm2 or dtm3