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    CAD models for Gates belt sprockets?

    smorris PTC Community Champion

      Anyone know where to find CAD models for the Gates sprockets? I have searched all over the Gates site and even though their PartsView search says it has CAD, I cannot find any CAD links for P15-5M-15AL on the info page of their catalog. I could not find these models in the PTC KOP either.


      From http://robotics.gatesprograms.com/first...


      Gates parts will now be included in the standard package of parts provided to all FIRST teams. Each package will contain the following Gates parts*:

      • P15-5M-15AL Sprocket (2 each)
      • P20-5M-15AL Sprocket (1 each)
      • P30-5M-15AL Sprocket (1 each)
      • 500-5M-15 Belt (1 each)
      • 1270-5M-15 Belt (1 each)