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    Modifying STEP files



      I seem to be having trouble altering a step file. When I go to a extrude cut a surface of a model it removes the area but converts my part to a surface model. It then will not allow me to add material to the part. I'm curious as to why this is happening and is there a way to stop it doing so.

      Appreciate any help

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          Thanks for the quick reply,

          No I am certain they picked the solid option, (I watched them choose it ). The part is fine when it is imported in, the solid part symbol comes up beside the part name. The symbol changes when I alter the part. I have also got them to create an iges file, it seems to a little better but in certain cases it does the same thing. I’m positive it is something I’m doing that is causing it to change from a solid model to a surface model, but I’m not sure why it is doing it.

          Again thanks for the help

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              hkramer PTC Employee

              Moved the discussion into the Creo Elements/Direct Branch to ensure that more Creo Elements/Direct Modeling user can find and comment it. Since this is a discussion in the context of the professional version of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.

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              GaryLinscheid Bronze

              Have you done a check part to see if the model is corrupt? If it is, fix the corruption and you should be good.