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    Quick .SEC cut through a solid model or solid model import

    ptc-3872989 Copper



      I'm looking for some help on creating a .SEC file.


      I have an imported (no reference geometry, or feature tree) solid model from a customer. What I need to do is create a section cut of the model, through a particular plane. I will then use that particular .SEC file to create other part models.


      I DO NOT want to start an assembly, and then create the new part in the assembly. That method creates far too many "link" headaches within my system at work.


      The only method I know of right now is to create a plane, start a sketch on that plane, and use the "USE" function. The "USE" function (in my opinion) is very temperamental though. Especially if you try to use the "LOOP" function.


      I'm coming from CATIA where there is such a thing as a "CUT" function. You pick a plane, and then pick a solid, and the system creates a sketch of the intersection between them.


      I'm looking for something like that.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!