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    Basic dimensions not displaying properly / consistently

    redav Copper

      I have a dimension that is basic, and it is repeated. For consistency across all our documents, I want all of such dimensions to have the number of times repeated inside the control frame.


      I've added a "12X" to the text of the dimension, and I've selected Basic. Doing this in prior versions automatically put the 12X in the control frame. But now, it leaves the 12X outside the control frame--but only in the drawing. It shows up the way I want in the model. Selecting the Inspection option does put the 12X inside the oval. This makes me think that something is glitching with the basic dimension setting.


      I am aware that I can use @[ and @] in the text area to force the control frame to include the 12X, but it's cumbersome, so I do not intend on doing that long-term. I would much rather get it working properly/consistently than perform work-arounds.


      Can anyone explain why this is happening? Is there a setting or option I'm missing?