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    Mathcad 15 - Opening and Closing Areas Causes Other Fields to Move


      I feel like this is a bug in Mathcad, but I would love it if someone had a solution for this.


      I'm using a worksheet with multiple areas in Mathcad and I have noticed that after using the worksheet for some time, the text fields above the areas will "creep" upward or downward. Additionally if I move the text fields, the first motion they make is subtle, as if they had been placed inbetween a grid space and were put back on the nearest grid.


      I hope I am explaining this in a way that you all can understand. It's really annoying to set up a worksheet and constantly have to realign everything as you use it.


      I've made a sample worksheet for you to try. If you note the difference in the spacing between the title and the area before you open it and after you open it, you can see the difference. It is really small at first, but over time it creeps farther apart depending on what you are doing in the worksheet.