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    Winchill 9.1 Users seeing other users workspaces

    JohnWenner Copper

      We are having an issue and PTC said this should not be happening. I've tried to work with our Internal Helpdesk also for PDMLink, but they have not been very helpful either.


      Anyways, what is happening. We just migrated out data from an INTRALINK 3.X system into an existing PDMLink 9.1 M060 Windchill server. The problem is we have an OEM where about HALF the users there can see other users workspaces. They are allowed to go into these workspaces and ACTIVATE them. The interesting thing is that this only happens with about 12 users on site, the other 8 or so are working just fine.


      In addition, when a user goes into an INACTIVE workspace either in a standalone browser or the embedded Pro/E browser it shows ZERO files. However, when they activate it, files show up in the workspace. PTC said this is intended; however, everyone who is working correctly can see files in an INACTIVE workspace.


      I'm at a standstill currently, any suggestions would help. My options are limited, since I do not have elevated permissions in our PDMLink system.


      In addition, the error message the Even Manager often provides is "The User has no access to the Workspace Context". PDMLink seems to think that the user is in a different workspace than what they are really in. I've witnessed it all firsthand, so I know it is not user error.