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    Suppressing a blend that intersects another blend

    cwilkes Bronze

      In a part file, I'm finding that for some reason when you create a blend, doesn't matter how simple, then create another blend that intersects that blend (may not just be an intersecting blend, haven't tried other ways), the second blend becomes a child of the first blend. This wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I'm using some If statements in Pro/Program to determine which blend will be suppressed, and which will be shown. If it's decided that the second blend is the one that should be shown, it's obviously an issue that the first blend's creation is skipped in the part's program and comes back with a failed feature. And I don't believe I referenced that first blend at any point in the creation of the second one as the first one was already suppressed when I created the second.


      Does anybody know why the 2nd blend automatically becomes a child of the first and if there's a way around that? Took me like an hour to figure out that I wasn't doing something wrong, but that Creo was simply not allowing me to create an independent (from the first) second blend.


      I even tried this in a blank part file to make sure I wasn't just complicating things in my somewhat more complex part file. Same thing, if you try to suppress the first, the second is suppressed as well.


      Thanks in advance,