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    Post Pocessing Modal Analysis (Line graph question)?


      Hello All


      I've recently started using Mechanica (wildfire 4.0) for prelimanary analyses, instead of ANSYS. Just to verify results, I am running a modal analysis on a cylinder to get displacement distribution along the length of the cylinder.


      I get results, and they match my calculations. Now I want to plot a displacement graph; Y-axis showing displacement, and X-axis showing length of cylinder. To get that, what I know, I need to define a line through or on the cylinder. I have tried making a sketch line, datum line, and even axis, through the center of cylinder, but Mechanica doesnt let me choose that line for graph. I guess because that line is not a part of cylinder, but an arbitrary sketch.


      My question: Is there a way to do this? How can I get a line displacement plot along the length of cylinder?