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    Vericut Model color

    SteveLucas Gold

      this has been bothering me for a while and not sure how to fix it. In Wildfire5 and Creo1.0 Vericut, my model color comes in colored red. It seems to me that if the gouge color is red and the model color is red it makes gouges difficult to see!!

      What I have been doing is modifying the model color to fix this problem. I can't seem to find where the model color is set to change this in the configuration file for vericut. Does anyone else have this problem? or can someone tell me how to set the model color permanently.

      vericut model color.JPG


      After modifying the model color

      modified model color.JPG

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          mnelson Bronze


          One way to change the model color is by left mouse click on the part model in the model tree and A configure window will appear at the bottom and you can change the color. I am not sure the color will stay changed for future models.vericut_.JPG

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            DanielSantos Silver



            To make it permanent, do this:


            Go to the loadpoint loadpoint\architecture folder (Ex:D:\PTC\WF5_M130_64\x86e_win64) and look for the "vericut" folder - Ex: D:\PTC\WF5_M130_64\x86e_win64\vericut


            There you are going to find two files:



            proem.VcProject (Metric)


            Open the file with the units you use most in a Vericut session (You can open it using the embedded license as usual by launching Vericut from Process Manager)


            There you can change settings like tolerances (They affect the speed of simulation), Auto-Diff, Colors, whatever you want.


            Save the files and next time you launch Vericut from within Pro/NC you are done.


            One thing: If you upgrade Pro/NC using the same folder, don't forget to backup your files otherwise the installer will overwrite them.


            Good luck,



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              SteveLucas Gold

              Thank you Matt and Daniel,

              I already do both. I change the stock color in the model tree and go int the the Proe.VcProject to change the fast feed and and skip cut and tool model display to solid after each upgrade as you said Daniel. What was looking for was what controls the stock model color and could that be changed as well in the proe.VcProject so I would not have to go into the model tree and manually change the model color each time I use vericut. It was also kind of a rant wondering why they would set the default stock model color to red when that is also the color of gouges? I was wondering if it was my setup or does everyones stock models come in as red?

              Thanks for the input.