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    Model Manipulation Question from Former Solid Works User

    ptc-4311262 Copper

      Hello All,


      So I reciently made the switch from Solid Works to Creo, and I am having trouble manipulating my models. Creo and SW both let the user zoom by scrolling the mouse's scroll wheel, and they both let the user rotate the part around a point by clicking the point with the scroll wheel (not scrolling, but using it to click), holding it, and than moving the mouse around to rotate the part. What I am having trouble doing is moving the part relative to the screen to the left/right. I am not talking about rotating the part at all, but simply moving it up/down/left/right. In SW, you can simply left-click on the part and while holding the left mouse button, you can drag the part up/down/left/right by dragging the mouse in the corrosponding direction. With Creo, I cannot do this. I find myself having to zoom out, placeing the mouse where I want to zoom in, and than zooming in at the desired point. This is very cumbersome, compared to simply left clicking and dragging the part as I did in SW. Is there a way to set up Creo to move the part up/down/left/right by clicking and dragging???