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    VTXU Post Processor

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      Does anybody know of a post processor for a Huco VTXU 5 axis table table machine? I am running Creo Elements Pro or Wilfire 5.0. Any info would be a huge help.

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          Goto the 1st PTC link that I have attached and look through the list of production posts. There are two icons next to each post processor. Clicking on the G/M icon will display what the G/M output looks like and the other icon lets you download the GPOST files needed. You can also scroll all the way down the page and get a link to additional basic posts. Either way these are all really just "starting" posts and most likely will have to be modified for your controller/machine combination.


          It looks like there are a few Ultimax control posts for Hurco machines. Take a look at the G/M text output code for these and see if it is similar to what you need. Most likely you will have to download one of the posts, place it in the correct GPOST directory and then open it using the NC Post Processor Application. You would then create a copy of it and change what is needed to get the output for your controller. If you have not done any of this before it can be a bit overwhelming. It takes a good amount of effort to learn how to create and modify post processors. There are a number of people out there who specialize in doing this exact thing. If you want I can recommend someone for you, just send me your email.


          The links below are not kept up to date but are still a pretty good resource for NC and GPost applications.







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            Thanks for the information that you gave me. I was able to download a post and alter it as you said. Everything works great for three axis machining. As for the full five axis post we hired a company to create one for us because I don't have enough experience with Gpost to create one myself. Thanks again for the advice.