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    Java RMI Applet Error

    ChrisPeters Bronze

      Hi All,


      I have installed Windchill 10 M020. Everything seems to be working finr except the Workflow Template Management. I'm not able to open a workflow. After a few troubleshooting, I found that it's a RMI access permission. This is the error which I got in JRE console.


      Exception in thread "Thread-12" java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.net.SocketPermission connect,resolve)

      at java.security.AccessControlContext.checkPermission(Unknown Source)

      at java.security.AccessController.checkPermission(Unknown Source)

      at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkPermission(Unknown Source)

      at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkConnect(Unknown Source)

      at sun.plugin2.applet.Applet2SecurityManager.checkConnect(Unknown Source)

      at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPChannel.checkConnectPermission(Unknown Source)

      at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPChannel.newConnection(Unknown Source)

      at sun.rmi.server.UnicastRef.invoke(Unknown Source)

      at wt.method.MethodServerImpl_Stub.invoke(Unknown Source)

      at wt.method.RemoteMethodServer.invoke(RemoteMethodServer.java:654)

      at wt.clients.workflow.definer.ProcessInfo.getWfProcessTemplate(ProcessInfo.java:176)

      at wt.clients.workflow.definer.WfTemplateEditorApplet$ViewThread.run(WfTemplateEditorApplet.java:335)



      I'm using JRE 1.6.0_31 which seems to be a supported one.


      I even added "permission java.security.AllPermission;" in the java.policy file under C:\ptc\Windchill_10.0\Java\jre\lib\security, but to no avail.


      Please suggest.





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          MatthewKnight Silver

          • wt.manager.port=5001


          • wt.method.minPort=5002


          • wt.method.maxPort=5010


          Make sure the min to Max range is open in your firewall

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              ChrisPeters Bronze



              Thanks Matthew...Ports are properly configured. The problem is with the JRE version. I downgraded to 1.6_21 and now it's working fine.


              thanks for all your help.

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                  jessh PTC Employee

                  This implies that you are lacking the latest Windchill patches.


                  Security fixes in a number of Java 6 Update releases starting with 19 and going through some of the most recent updates broke a number of Windchill applets. This is not to say the applets themselves were insecure, but rather that some Java security fixes required adjustment to existing code in cases for continued proper operation. This particular case appears to involve an issue which is reproducible only with certain network configurations.


                  At any rate there are temp patches available for these issues, all of which should be generic/common temp patches, I believe.