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    Mathcad 15 won't open xmcd file (looking for XML!!)


      My Mathcad 15 refuses to open XMCD files: The error message is "Not a valid XML file".


      Am running on WIndows XP Pro.


      Before this happening, MCAD crashed, with a message indicating that it had to close due to internal error. But it wouldn't close, I had to shut it down manually (Task Mgr). Have restarted MCAD and then Rebooted the PC, it is still giving me the Non XML file error?


      Any advice on that much appreciated. I am in the middle of a big HomeWork that is due Monday and this is a terrible set back. Should have stuck with 2001!


      Are there any programs that 15 is known not to like to work side by side with?


      I usually need to have Word, Excel, Adobe reader and the browser (Firefox) open while doing the Mathcad tasks.


      Thanks for any help on that.


      Would I need to reload 15? This scares me due to the difficulties I had to get my Student licence going.


      Thank you.