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    Global Parameters and Design Studies

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      Hi All,


      I would like to run mechanica opimizations by varying global parameters in a layout file. But the optimizations will not run because connection to the layout file is one way and mechanica cannot change the parameter.


      The question I have is: Is there any way around this?

      And why is this connection to the layout file one way?


      Thanks for any help,



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          danderson Gold



          Mechanica was designed to interact with 3d models directly and not drawings.
          If you created the parameters at the part/assembly level it should work. If you are referencing
          a drawing parameter in mechanica, mechanica will not be able to modify it as far as I know.


          Don A

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              ptc-147279 Copper

              Hi Don,


              I felt like I was being pushed into a corner on this one. I am using EXF to generate about 2500 beams in a complex truss. The only way that I found to globally control the beam sections was to create a layout with global parameters and declare the layout to the prototype EFX sections. This has the effect that I can control hundreds of beam sections by changing a single parameter in the layout file. Otherwise I would have to individually change each beam in the assembly. I can not put these parameters into the assembly because EFX will not allow me to create a prototype section with unresolved parameters in relations. I would have to be able to declare the assembly to the prototype EFX section part.


              I can still manually optimize the assembly, but it is time consuming. I have ten different sections spread spread over 2500 beams and I have to optimize cost and modal frequency.