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    Axis labels for sheet metal

    ptc-4861824 Copper

      I have made two drawings, flat and bent, according to this advice (http://communities.ptc.com/message/14602#14602)

      but now I need to reference the center of an arc on the flat drawing. Yet when I go to add an axis in the model, I canonly add an axis to the model prior to the flat pattern command.


      How can I dimension to an arc on my flat pattern drawing?



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          ptc-4861824 Copper

          Now the axis and points are following the part.


          Not sure how to delete my question now.

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            TomD.inPDX PTC Community Champion

            Is the arc you are trying to dimension being deformed by the flat pattern? If so, it is no longer a true arc and cannot maintain the appropriate center.


            However, you do have the option to have extruded arcs generate an axis, and this may resolve the axis following the flat pattern state.


            Unfortunately, the config.pro toggle for this does not affect already created features.


            show_axes_for_extr_arcs yes


            A work around is to place a hole in the center of the arc and see if it will follow the flat pattern but this might generate "intent" errors unless you actually remove some material.