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    Possible to create iterative solve blocks?

    dsochor Silver

      In the attached MathCAD 14 worksheet I am attempting to solve for the embedment length for multiple sets of variables ( concrete dimensions a,b,ma,mb) using the Given command/block. Is it possible to pass multiple groups of variables in these three equations and solve for the single variable E using the Given block?

      For each set of variables only one equation is solvable for E while the other two will not be solveable. The solvable equation changes as the dimensions changes. If the equation is not solvable, is it possible to for MathCAD to return a zero or unsolveable response instead of turning red?

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          WE Platinum

          Not sure what kind of iteration you are talking about in the subject.


          But if you get riod of the range variable and the elementwise (subscribted/indexed) notation using it, make E a 3x1 vector and, again, use vectorize, you get a solution.


          Not sure about what you mean with only one equ would give a solution?


          Concerning error catching you could turn the solve block into a parameterized function (whatever the input parameters would be) and create a new function using the "on error" statement to return NaN if the solve block function fails. See attached

          But in your case it failed always because of kind bad syntax.

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            AndyWesterman Gold

            If you make the solve blocks as parameterized functions you can calculate the 3 results.

            if some of them don't converge to a solution there was a function "ReDefine" posted on this forum which takes a text string parameter.

            if there is a variable of that name it returns the value, if not it returns "Undefined" & this can be used in subsequent calculations.


            Hope this is what you want