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    More lost data, more crashes.  The hits just keep coming.......

    FrankS.Schiavone Platinum

      Lost a couple days work. Yay. Have had to reboot the system probably 15 tims or more in the last 1-1/2 days. It turns out Windburn handles family table very poorly, especially when trying to copy them in the workspace. I copied the family table assembly, carefully renaming the instances so there wasn't any issue. Then I deleted the entire family table. That worked, but then when I wanted to delete the instances from the workspace, the HAL 9000 system told me I had to delete the generic. The system failed to either delete the instances from the Workspace (best solution) or even break the link between the files. So, again, I'm having to go outside the system to back up the assembly to a network drive, delete the entire family table, then bring it into the workspace.


      Excuse me, but would it be too much to ask to have the system we paid a TON of money for, actually work as advertised so I don't have to keep using a network drive to get the job done? SRSLY?????