So that explains my absence! Sorry for not posting updates for over a week...finals, homework, and FIRST® Robotics were driving me to the limits of my productivity. Luckily now, with the former two out of the way, I can relay updates from from our 1671 Buchanan Bird Brains team during the past week. Note that the following updates are listed in no particular order:


1. Finished Hoop Station with the help of our mentor and fellow CUSD teacher Richard Kinney. Tons of fun shooting the balls into the rims.


2. Began total tranformation of shooter prototype, went to a four wheel, two top, two bottom firing system. Seems successful for many teams thus far.


3. CAD base in PTC's Creo has under gone SEVERAL changes in the past few days. We will set a final design very shortly.


4. Prgramming team has made progress on the camera tracking abilities. Hopefully this will give us a crucial advantage on the court.


5. With the help of engineer Michael Stokes, the electronics team has begun using CAN (controller area network) to control this year's Jaguar's. Again, this is to give us that advantage on the court.


6. Our public relations has done excellent work posting and editing material on the website. Please check out what they have done at


7. Shooter prototype successfully lauches ball 50+ feet, with fair amount of variability due to human error. Also destoys the balls: at or


8. Bumper assembly in CAD completed and rudimentary starting and ending protocol developed.


9. Developed plan of action to raise enough funds for trip to Championship in St. Louis, MO.


10. Technical Sergeant Luna of the US Air Force visited our team's operation and was very impressed. More news to come.


11. Held two successful parent meetings on the topics of booster club and cross country travels.


12. Awesome pasta dinner provided by the Carbajal family. Thanks!


13. Welcomed back CART/CW team the 3296 Neon Knights from four day finals study break.


14 Visited folks from Duncan Polytechnical High School 3970 Duncan Dynamics. They are one rookie team off to a fabulous start.


15. Burned three Jaguars due to faulty wiring (rest in peace fine pieces of technology).


16. Used closed control loop to test shooter prototype. We seem to have found a way to hit the three pointers. Videos here soon.


17. CAD scheduled to be completed in next two or three days. Plan for next two weeks: contruct the robot Doc 8: [Insert Name Here]


18. Great end to first third of the 2012 FRC season.


That's all for now. I sincerely hope the other teams are doing just as great!


Build Season Counter: DAY 15