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    ModuleWorks to replace Vericut

    rmorin Silver

      Hi all, just read this in article CS226148,

      • ModuleWorks will replace NCCHECK & VERICUT starting from versions below:
        • Creo Parametric 2.0 M210
        • Creo Parametric 3.0 M090
      • Starting from above versions, Vericut won't be available for use anymore
        • To perform material removal simulation, select NC sequence from model tree > RMB > Material Removal Simulation, it will access ModuleWorks
        • The default value of config.pro option nccheck_type is changed to moduleworks
      • Main Reasons of the choice of ModuleWorks is that :
        • It offers the capability to Simulate Material Removal Embedded in Creo Parametric (Only NCCHECK allowed that)
        • It is not limited as NCCHECK was in the past
        • It allows usage of OpenGL libraries used by Creo and improves by this way User Experience (possible smooth rotations of the manufacturing assembly in Creo When Material is being removed in ModuleWorks)


      What do you think about this ? Do you know ModuleWorks ?