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    Creo 3.0 M070 Section tool does not clip away material

    tpowers Copper

      Hey All,


      I am working with a model where I need to show cross sections. However, when I use the section tool, I can place the cut plane where I need it, but the material is not removed. When I do this in an assembly, then the parts that are completely behind plane will be removed (as they should), but any parts bisected by the cut plane stays in view and isn't clipped.


      Steps I've taken:

      I have checked this with the same components on my coworker's computer and it works normally (the parts are clipped).

      I have reinstalled Creo

      I have reverted to the default config.pro file.

      It doesn't just do this in assembly, but also does it for a single part. (see attached picture)


      Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!