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    How to switch MathCAD Prime 4.0 help from one lang to another?

    jlee-10-11-12 Copper


      I installed MathCAD Prime 4.0, and my help file is English. I want to display another language help files.

      It is better that display the help files of English and another language at the same time.



      1. 1.MathCAD Prime 4.0 help files are based on the technology of Tomcat, it means when you open the MathCAD Prime 4.0 help, you can paste the web address "" to web broswer application, it will display the local language help automatically.
      2. 2.The installed help file pack is in "C:\Program Files\PTC\Mathcad Prime 4.0\Help\project\WEB-INF\volume", you can see what kind of lang pack installed.
      3. 3.The reason i want to different help files is i want to learn more.


      How to change the web address parameters in address bar of web browser application, that i can read different help files at same time?