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    Sweep along a helical curve

    pesau-2 Copper


      I am try to create   a model something similar to drill using helical curve and sweep I have followed following step

      1. Create a helical curve using the equation

      2. Create a sweep featuring by using the helical curve as the trajectory

      3. I have created the sweep section as ball nose profile.


      the radius profile moves along the helical curve but the straight line does not cut along the helical curve.


      kindly help  I have also attached the image.

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          dschenken PTC Community Champion

          The best control is to create a second helical curve with a larger radius and use that curve to orient the X-axis of the sketch. If the cut is normal to the original curve the second curve probably needs to extend farther to make sure that at each point on the trajectory curve, the plane normal to that point intersects the orientation curve.


          There should also be the option to have the orientation be automatic but I think the direction control is better. It looks like your choice was a constant orientation.