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    how to get dimension values

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           anybody please help me to get dimension name and its values for a given creo part using jlink coding.

      send any idea about that dimension name and values.

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          jstone-2 Bronze

          I don't use jlink but here is an excerpt from the user manual -




          Dimension Objects

          Dimension objects include standard PTC Creo Parametric dimensions as well as reference dimensions. Dimension objects enable you to access dimension tolerances and enable you to set the value for the dimension. Reference dimensions allow neither of these actions.


          Getting Dimensions

          Dimensions and reference dimensions are PTC Creo Parametric model items. See the section Getting ModelItem Objects on page 208 for methods that can return Dimension and RefDimension objects.


          Dimension Information


          Methods Introduced:


          • pfcModelItem.BaseParameter.GetValue


          • pfcModelItem.BaseParameter.SetValue


          • pfcModelItem.BaseDimension.GetDimValue


          • pfcModelItem.BaseDimension.SetDimValue


          • pfcModelItem.BaseParameter.GetIsDesignated


          • pfcModelItem.BaseParameter.SetIsDesignated


          • pfcModelItem.BaseParameter.GetIsModified


          • pfcModelItem.BaseParameter.ResetFromBackup


          • pfcModelItem.BaseParameter.GetIsRelationDriven


          • pfcDimension.BaseDimension.GetDimType


          • pfcDimension.BaseDimension.GetSymbol


          • pfcDimension.BaseDimension.GetTexts


          • pfcDimension.BaseDimension.SetTexts



          All the BaseParameter methods are accessible to Dimensions as well as Parameters. See the section Parameter Objects on page 257 for brief descriptions.



          You cannot set the value or designation status of reference dimension objects.

          Apologies for copy/paste formatting