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    issue on family parts

    bxu Copper



      I created a model with family table, see attached file please.


      6211-2xx contained 6211-201 to 6211-206. The parts 6211-203 to 206 are normal, but 201 and 202 has error on "FIRST WALL"


      On family table, if d206 in 201 and 202 increase to certain value, the error gone.


      Need help to fix this problem.




      Bill Xu

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          BenLoosli PTC Community Champion

          Give us some more details about the part?

          It helps when building a FT to rename the dimension variables in the dimension properties so it says Hole3_x_length instead of d203. This makes it easier for others to debug and modify your FT.

          Which feature is failing?

          Which feature do your family table d203 and d206 dimensions come from?

          Why are you putting a sketch in the family table instead of a feature.

          If I see it right, some of those extrudes are putting in holes. There has been a hole feature available in Pro/Engineer since the Wildfire days.


          I am thinking from a quick look that your numbers are too small and those forming a feature in space when the FT is processed.

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            Martin Hanak Platinum



            1.] problematic feature = Wall Surface, it converts solid geometry to sheetmetal.


            2.] I modified generic model's accuracy to Absolute 0.004 and now all instances works well. ... I can't explain why, please do no ask me .