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    Warning Message when I open Creo.

    odavies Copper

      This morning, when I opened CREO Parametric 3.0, I received this message:


      Retrieval message.JPG

      When I clicked continue, I received a message about a 'jQuery' error and 'Script' error. When I requested for the script to stop running, I was faced with this blue screen:


      Image result for your pc ran into a problem.


      So, I proceeded to shut down my computer. When I rebooted my computer and opened the Creo program, I received the retrieval message again, along with the blue screen. I decided to shut down and reboot my computer. After the rebooting process, I uninstalled all Creo 3.0 files and installed Creo 4.0 files.


      When I open Creo, I still get the retrieval message, but I also get a 'Warning Message List':


      Warning Message.JPG

      Clicking OK on this warning completely closes Creo Parametric.


      Is anyone else encountering this issue and have you found a solution?