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    Agrandar una pieza en conjunto

    ccampos Copper


      Me equivoqué en la medida y al añadir la pieza en el conjunto era pequeña en relación con las otras piezas. ¿Es posible agrandar toda la pieza en si  en el conjunto?

      Un saludo


      I had made a mistake on the size of on piece and when I added that piece to the combination or essemble it was smaller than the other pieces of the combination or essemble. How can I make that piece bigger ?


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          tgriffin Bronze

          Re-dimension it or you can scale the whole model using Operations > Scale Model.  If it was just a mistake of making it in mm instead of in or cm you can go to File > Prepare > Model Properties and click change next to units, and either create or select a different set of units and use interpret to keep dimensional values, but change to the new system of units.