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    pen line weight assignments

      I need to know which pen is assosciated to which drafting entity because when I print I get fine lines for the objects but dimensions come out very heavy.
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          sdick PTC Employee
          You should make a search in the online help, this information is fully documented... I can't make a copy of these settings because my online help is in French and values are in an html table PS : You can also modify this default settings if needed (see documentation for help)
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              This setting can be edited as per your personal need... You should open *.pnt file in your start directory with notepad & can edit the values of the thickness. For example I have "Hemang.pnt" file in my proe start directory & it gives me optimum printing on my printer..... the file is copied here, you can use it if it suits you.... " ! This is a pen table file. See Interface Guide under "pen mapping". ! white entities (object lines) pen 1 thickness .038 cm; drawing_color ! yellow entities (text, dimensions, cross hatching) pen 2 thickness .030 cm; letter_color ! grey entities (hidden lines) pen 2 thickness .030 cm; half_tone_color ! red entities (can use for drawing border if you change the entity color ! to red in the format file) pen 4 thickness .035 cm; highlite_color " You can copy this into any notepad file & save it as *.pnt in your proe start directory & then edit you drawing option file to the file path.