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    Chamfer callout


      I'm looking for this chamfer dimension format:.... DxD (our standard).......instead of D (alone) or Dx45 or even 45xD (by the grace of a hidden config.pro entry).

      I know I can modify the dimension to read Dx.12 (not parametric) or Dx&d23 (parametric)

      but ..... really?!?

      I can't believe there isn't some way to allow for the standard annotation to appear on the drawing as it was defined/created in the part...... DxD ......


      Regards .... Don

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          DanMarotta Platinum



          I hope you receive a response to your formatting question.


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            Kevin Platinum

            Create a D1xD2 chamfer where d1 and d2 are the same. In the drawing create a note &d1 X &d2.

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                Ultimately I would like to "show/erase" (WF3) or "show annotation" (WF5) and have the dimension show up as created in the part..... DxD.

                This is our company standard and one of 3 acceptable ANSI methods and the only one I can't make pro do automatically. I guess I thought when WF5 allowed "chamfer style" selections, one selection would have been the DxD style...... not!

                D1xD2 gives me 2 linear dimensions which I then have to manipulate/create to achieve what I need as you suggest...... DxD .... It would be fewer steps by just adding a postfix (what happened to suffix?) to the existing dimension...... it would look like @Dx&d1 in the text box and .12x.12 with a leader in the drawing.


                Thanks for your input ... it is appreciated



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                    Kevin Platinum

                    Didn't know that worked. I thought I tried that and it didn't work but must have typed in something wrong. I understand what you want to show and agree with you it's strange not to have the form that shows DxD in the list of options but there are other things where this happens also.