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    Installation of Mathcad 2001i


      I still have and use Mathcad 2001I. It does everything I have ever asked it to do and does it well. I am a self employed civil engineer practicing mainly in single family residential structural design. My clients are achiotebuilding designers, contractors and, once in a while, the property owners directly. I work mainly in wood. I have designed worksheets that solve the problein the order that I pref In most instances I only need to change the input numbers. My problem is that I have upgraded to a Windows 7 computer. In the past, whenever I have upgraded Mathcad I got an uprade disk and I could load it in my computer. Since the computer already had the previous version of Mathcad on it the upgrade disk worked. This time I am not upgrading Mathcad onto a computer that already has Mathcad on it. Since I had only kept the latest disk, and it is an upgrade disk, when I load it on this virgin computer it asks for the serial number of the previous disk or for the previous disk itself. I have neither. Is there any way to get around this?