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    Using Scripts in MathCAD (VB Script?) for foundation design calculation


      A Big Hello to all fellow Civil & Structural Engineers!


      I had thought that I should put this question in 'Programming & Extending MathCAD' discussion, but then I thought against it and decided to put this question here.


      I thought I will just explain it the way it is in a language that fellow engineers will understand.


      Bascially what I have is this


      1) STAAD output of support reactions in MS excel worksheet.

      2) MathCAD 15.0


      Now what I want to do is


      1) To script a code (please let me know whether I can do this without a code too) and run a loop so that it automatically pastes each and every node and load case number one by one in a particular variable by reading the following from the excel sheet.


      2) As and when the node no and LC is getting pasted, the variables which I have assigned for forces like FX,FY and FZ should change automatically (The values of FX, FY and FZ will be read from the excel sheet)


      3) Assuming that I have just one check , whose output is 'Safe' and 'Unsafe' should be tabulated in an array form for each and every load case and node no


      4) I should be able to display the most critical LC and node no combination for documentation purposes.


      I hope that I have not jumbled up all of this. Any help will be appreciated. I have done this in VB Macro in excel and am just shifting to MathCAD thus this long question.