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    How do you configure PDMLink Part Numbering?


      I'm new to Windchill PDMLink and would love some help concerning how to configure the part numbering in PDMLink 9.0.


      I'm trying to configure the numbering for parts to include pre-defined classification followed by a sequence number, [Classification] + [Sequence].

      I have created two new part sub types, one named RDA 10 and another one named RMA 10, defining two types of part classifications. I have also created an attribute holding a string and added it to each one of the part sub types plus added the class type value to RDA 10 and RMA 10.


      Further more I have created part rule for the two sub types with the following addition:


      <Attr id="Class_Type_ID"/>







      My intention is to be able to create two different parts with different classification and seperate sequence numbering, eg RDA 10 0001 and RMA 10 0001. The classification seems to work fine and can be chosen at creation of the part but the sequence continues on the second classification instead of starting from scratch.


      I also ended up with problems concerning adding space in between the classification [RDA 10] and sequence, anyone that can give me a hand there as well?




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          After a lot of reading and searching among old cases I found that you need to create a new sequence outside the PDMLink GUI. Probably the single sequence that existed in the system was created through the installation and the organization context template (guessing).


          If you need to create several independent sequences for example for different types of parts you create them by adding executing a script on the database. If you use Oracle as the database there exist a script doing just that but if you have converted to Microsoft SQL Server there exist no script. I'm guessing you could then go into the database and by SQL query adding a sequence into the table holding the sequences setup for the context you use in your PDMLink system.


          These are the steps you follow to add an extra sequence in the Oracle database:


          1. Login to sqlplus as the windchill user (i.e NOT system/manager)
          2. Create a new sequence called PartTypeA with start value of say 1 and increment of 1

          exec wtpk.createSequence('PartTypeA',1,1)

          1. Edit the Object Initialization Rules for type Document and change the sequencegenerator to the one created above.


          <!-- set the number to a generated number -->

          <AttrValue algorithm="com.ptc.windchill.enterprise.revisionControlled.server.impl.NumberGenerator">




          (Reference TPI 134089)

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            Sequence problem solved but still would like to get an answer on how you add space in between and the sequence?


            PDMLink is trimming the attribute value when I add an extra space after 10.